I can never understand how my parents think.

I’m allergic to dairy, as in I get some hella allergic reaction that if not treated with my medication , will trigger my asthma.

My parents on a regz tell me that I need to cut dairy from my diet on a whole.

HA. no. Things like that don’t just happen especially for a nigga that loves her some chocolate. Cheese I can live without … for a while .. but chocolate is forever. It is probably going to kill me and I accept it.

But anywhoo , they tell me I need to cut it from my diet but they just returned from the supermarket and what did my mother hand me ? Supligen. Not just any Supligen , chocolate flavored Supligen.

Now Supligen and I have a love/hate relationship , which is to say , I love it , it hates me. It and Milo are two things that skip right past allergic reacion , and head straight for asthma attack. They waste no time and play no games.

The last time they bought it for me was last year , couple days before New Years Eve and after drinking it , sure enough , I had an asthma attack , almost died , coulda swear I wasn’t gonna make it into 2014 , but I did … asleep. But anywhoo …

Now , my mother knows what triggers my asthma , but she was the one that handed me the Supligen. What is the issue ?

Are they confused ?

I’m not complaining , I’ll drink it , no problem , but I’m worried about their mental health. Cause I’m not understanding. 


are they lowkey trying to kill me ?





Ohmygosh y’all I already he could sing a little but Larry can sing like fr fr sing 😳😍😍

Ohh Larry!

How did no one die

I dieeeeed


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1. Gucci scarf or Versace fanny pack?

…..Gucci scarf. Versace fanny pack when it’s worn right though. 

2. If you could bring any celebrity back to life who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson cause he’s friggin Michael Jackson and I wouldn’t mind new songs. Or Heath Ledger cause he died too fucking soon and he was a bombass actor and I wouldn’t mind another movie. 

3. Who inspires you the most?

Inspires me ? Uh .. dude. Idk right now yaow.

4. Pet peeves?

Dumbfucks being them dumbfuck selves and doing dumbfuck things in my presence. 

5. Whose sense of style do you like more, Larrys or Laurents?

Larry’s. He doesn’t always get it right , but he sure as hell gets it right more than Laurent. And he is jacket GOD. His jackets always slay. And shoes

6. Favorite book?

Perfect by Natasha Friend

7. Favorite movie?

The Professional

8. Fuck, Kill, Marry —> Idris Elba, Columbus Short and Michael Ealy

What the fuck is this ? Lol


Fuck the SOUL out of Idris 

KIll Columbus , but can I fuck him first ? 

Marry me some Ealy. I would not mind waking up to them eyes every morning. 

9. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to go and why?

I’d go to Bora Bora , it’s pretty. 

10. What song would you like to see les twins to dance to?


One More Gyal - Aidonia

Worl’ Boss - Vybz Kartel

Loyal - Chris Brown

Larry needs to dance to Fuck You Tonight - Aidonia as well as Trading Places - Usher , all Take You Down - Chris Brown

idk why you come ask mi dis to rahtid

1 Train - ASAP and a shitload of other people

Eminem’s verse in Drop The World

Get Back - Ludacris

Grind On Me - Pretty Ricky


imma stop there becaaaaaaasssseeee

Dont’ feel like doing the other things though /: but thank you love !


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Don’t feel like doing the instructions though. 

1. Who’s your fashion icon or whose wardrobe (dead or alive) would you love to dive head first into?

Tbh girl , yours les-twinsss cause goddammit girl , your outfits slay. 

2. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I’m from Jamaica and I live in Jamaica. Yaay.

3. Whats you favorite song Les Twins has danced to?

Fucking hell this is hard. Uh .. okay , as in fave because of the freestyle/routine they did ? Or fave cause ’ ooh I like that song and I appreciate that my faves are dancing to it ’ ?. If it’s the former , Roman’s Revenge remix for Larry and Worst Behavior for Laurent .. in Berlin. If it’s the latter , tie between Moving Mountains and Wine and Kotch because when Larry danced to that I lost my shit. 

4. Which would you prefer, Larry blonde or Lau bald?

Laurent bald. He could use a fresh start anyways. [God forbid]

5. If given a first class plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Bora Bora

6. If given the choice between being invisible & reading minds which would you choose?


7. If you can bring one deceased celebrity back who would it be?

Tie between Michael Jackson , cause duh , and Heath Ledger … cause duh. 

8. What’s your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms

9. If you could switch lives with any lead female character in a LT fanfic who would it be? (If you don’t read fanfiction, apply the same question to any sitcom star)

I would switch lives with Tauni from You Got Me , minus being raped by Clintwaste. But yea , everything else , cause she got head on the first da .. it wasn’t even a date. And Larry was stalking her. I’d very much appreciate that life for a lil bit. 

10. What do you love most about you?

I got nice hair … dassit. 



Imma just answer. Shouldn’t be here in the first place but dropthetowel2k14 lemme know she tagged me so here goes. Not doing the other instructions. I don’t care for it. 

1. What’s your middle name?


2. Who is your biggest inspiration and if you had the chance to meet him/her, what would you tell them?

Inspiration ? Mmm , tbh I can’t think of any right now … so …

3. what do you do for fun?

I write and dance around my room in a very un-G like manner.

4. who is the closest person to you?

No idea. Let’s say my mother.

5. if you had the chance to date anyone dead or alive (not LT) who would it be?

If I had the chance to date anyone , I’d choose my crush who will remain namless. 

6. whats one of the scariest things you have ever done ?

Scariest thing ? I can’t think of anything. I don’t scare easily. 

7. what are some of your favourite books? 

Perfect  , My Sister’s Keeper 

8. biggest pet peeve?

When people ask dumbfuck questions. 

9. if you could go back into history, who would you meet?

I would want to meet Malcolm X tbh. 

10. who has influenced you the most? how did they do it?

Influenced me ? Jesus .. uh , listen. Idk. Can’t think of anyone. 





Michael Jackson recording his heartbeat for Smooth Criminal

^Genius like who does THAT??

i never knew that

He was so trill





How they look now in Dubai is reminding me of this performance in Dubai. I think it’s safe to say Dubai is added to the “magical places” list along with Brazil, Russia, Japan, Paris, and wherever that magic room is.




Larry be like…

Bich stopped messaging me

Tell him I said wassup

………………….. yaow fuck awwf boi.




Larry be like…

Bich stopped messaging me

Tell him I said wassup

………………….. yaow fuck awwf boi.